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What Elevate 28-Day Shape Up Offers You

Embark on a thrilling journey to unlock your ultimate potential with a carefully tailored program designed to supercharge every aspect of your fitness adventure

Personalized Training

Get geared up for small group training sessions that meet you where you're at and propel you toward your aspirations!

Fit 3D Body Scan

Start crystal clear! Our thorough assessment unveils your starting point, laying the groundwork for tangible progress ahead.

Expert Coaching

From beginners to pros, our team of friendly and expert coaches is here to support, inspire, and help you flourish on your fitness journey.

Irresistible Inclusions

To compliment your fitness goals, we will include a Nutrition blueprint and Physx supplementation support. Give your body the support and supplements it needs, and watch it shed what it doesn’t need!

Grub Boxx at Your Doorstep

Included in this program are 10 fresh, healthy and delicious meals prepared and delivered to you by Grub Boxx. 

Success Stories

What I love is that they each bring their own extensive knowledge and unique skill-set to my training so I'm never doing the same workout twice which has kept my body in a constant state of "unease" resulting in maximum results. The facilities themselves are clean, expansive and very well run. The staff is always super friendly and they never fail to greet me with a smile. Absolutely changed my life for the better.

My wife, who has never taken to sports or working out, joined 2 weeks ago as well, and she can't get enough. If you knew her you'd know this is something! Coaches and members are helpful and motivating. The workouts are an efficient 1 hour, but just as important as the physical work, Sam and her team will get you working towards a nutritional goal. I'd rave on but I've got to get classes at Results!

I lost 22.4lbs! It does take discipline and focus but this program really works!! I was provided with all of the supplements and guidance I needed to achieve my goals. The coaches are knowledgeable and caring!  The Fit Fam (which comes in all shapes/sizes/fitness levels) genuinely encourages each other . Go ahead and bite the bullet and do it! No regrets! Just results!!

Welcome to RTC’s Elevate
28-Day Shape Up Program

Your gateway to a whole new level of wellness and joy! Forget merely pursuing fitness goals; we're here to establish the groundwork for a journey filled with vitality and happiness. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned athlete, our program caters to you.

You'll never have to go it alone. Our amazing community and dedicated coaches are here to accompany you through every rep, sprint, and stretch. With their unwavering support and guidance, you'll feel motivated and empowered every step of the way.

Join us today and let's embark on this transformative journey together! Click the "Get Started" button below to commence your path to wellness with RTC's Elevate 28-Day Small group and Team Personal Training Program.

Got Questions?

We’re here to answer them! Whether you're curious about program specifics or seeking preparation tips, we've got you covered. Find all you need to know to start  your Elevate 28 journey with confidence.

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